Sick or dead pigeons

If a pigeon is ill or dead upon receipt, pictures should be taken and reported to EPA within one day after receiving the pigeon. In case of a dead pigeon, the original ring, pedigree and ownershipcard is supposed to sent back to the EPA office within one week of receipt.


Infertile pigeons

EPA handles a strict selection procedure, but cannot guarantee 100% fertility once a pigeon is brought into a new environment. In case of a pigeon which seem to be infertile, is supposed to be reported to EPA within three months after receipt of the pigeon.


Guaranteed genders

EPA cannot guarantee genders for all offered pigeons. The sex can only be guaranteed if there is a DNA certification of a pigeon where the sex has been determined. We request our suppliers to use DNA certification, but this is not an obligation.


Other questions

For other questions in case of aftersales you can sent an e-mail to