To be able to bid the user is supposed to register an account on which need to verified through the administrator.

The auctions organized on wil last most of the times between one and two weeks.

The sex of the pigeons shown on the website cannot be guaranteed. Of course we try to offer DNA-certified (including gender determination) pigeons as much as possible, depending on suppliers who are used to work with DNA-certification and which are not.  EPA cannot be held responsible for reporting the incorrect gender of pigeons for which no gender determination has been made.

By using a buying order you request our auction system up to which maximum amount you want to bid for a certain pigeon. In case of there will be received a higher bid than your current bid, but it is lower or equal to your current buying order, our auction system will automatically bid higher than your competitor's bid and the highest bid will be in your name again.

If there are equal buying orders placed, the buyer who placed his or her buying order first wins. Similar to regular bids that never can beat the highest bid of the buying order once the offered amount is equal to or less than the buying order.

The buying order made by you cannot be seen by any other visitors of and is visibile to you only.



The bid amount shown on is excluding VAT.

VAT does not apply if you as a, non-EU resident have a pigeon delivered to an address outside the EU with a valid export declaration.


Other taxes and tariffs

All other taxes and tarrifs that might apply in certain circumstances in case of the purchased pigeon(s), among others import tax, is not included in the offered bid of the buyer. In addition, all other extra costs, such as transport, (potential) bank transfer fees, are for the buyer.



After winning an auction succesfully, the buyer will receive an invoice by e-mail. The invoice is supposed to be paid within 5 working days. Pigeon(s) are only available for pick up or delivery once the full amount has been received. 

If the invoice isn't paid in time by the buyer, and there is no pre-arranged agreement, EPA reserves the right to undo the sale to the disadvantage of the buyer, and resell the pigeon.

Invoice(s) can be paid by bank transfer to our Dutch bank account (note: potential transfer costs are for the buyer) or by credit card, VISA or Mastercard (note: the service costs of 2.5% are for the buyer).