Wolvers van 'T Oever (Zwammerdam, NL) is one of the upcoming names in Dutch pigeonsport as well as in oneloftracing. The colony of pigeons is mainly based on Willem de Bruijn but also other well known names as among others Hooymans, Veenstra, Verkerk, Ganus, etc. The main breeder of this partnership is called Hurricane Junior, this 2017 cock is orginal Willem de Bruijn and direct son to Olympic Hurricane. Hurricane Junior is (grand)father to among others 1. semi final Golden Algarve oneloftrace 4.794 birds 2021, 1. region Chateauroux 887 birds, 14. final Golden Algarve oneloftrace 4.565 birds 2021. Other important results of the past few years are 5. final Pattaya oneloftrace (PIPR) 2023, 1. final Teutoburgerwaldrennen onelofrace 2022, etc.