Stefan Haggenmüller (Kempten, DE) is one of the remarkable lofts in oneloftracing of the past few years. In 2020 he won 1. final Pattaya oneloftrace (PIPR) against 1.941 birds. This winner was born out of an original Verstraete cock, grandson to Xtra. Mother is a daughter to Haggenmüller's base breeder Koopman 631 which is original Koopman and son to Lorris. In the auction 1. final PIPR was sold for +$100.000 US dollars. In 2021 Stefan showed pigeon world another super performance through winning 4. final Pattaya oneloftrace against 3.653 birds. This 4th place winner is also a crossing between Haggenmüller's basebreeder Koopman 631 (Son Koopman 631) x Verstraete (Daughter Ohlala). In 2018 Stefan won 1. final Balkanic Fair Play oneloftrace with a halfbrother (same father) to 4. final PIPR 2021. In 2022 Stefan won 1. Enduro ace sprint Victoria Falls oneloftrace (also line Koopman 631).