SG Steffl (Künzelsau, DE) can be considered as one of the best performing oneloftrace lofts at this moment as they won 1. final + 1. ace pigeon in Golden Algarve oneloftrace 2022 winning a total of 250.000 euro prize money, something never seen before. Beside that they are owners of probably the best breedingcouple for oneloftracing in the world: Giant Pair, cock: Algarve Gigant (1. final Golden Algarve oneloftrace 2015 winning 103.000 euro, hen: Königin der Ostsee (1. final Ostseerennen 2015 winning 12.000 euro). Grandchildren of this pair among others won 1. final Derby Kalimanci OLR 2019, 1. acebird Izmir Gülvercin OLR 2021, 1. final Moldova OLR 2022, 2. final Derby Sliven OLR 2021, 2. acebird Talent Quattro OLR 2019, 3. final Sofia OLR 2018, etc. Both, Beocca 1. final (505 km) Golden Algarve oneloftrace against 3.622 birds & Ealswith 1. ace Golden Algarve oneloftrace have been bought back in auction and will be paired to eachotter. Will this pair be the successor of Giant Pair?