Khaled Altwaem is the Kuwaiti known for his sensational performances and references in Pattaya one loft race (PIPR) in recent years.

It all started in 2022 when Altwaem's Gold Diamond Winner won 1st final (530 km) Pattaya one loft race against 4.033 birds. She won in total $187.500 US dollar prize money and was sold in auction for €48.500 euro to Mike Ganus. Gold Diamond Winner is a grandchild of base breeder 611. Her first children were raced in the 2023-2024 edition of PIPR and won 1st ace over hot spot 4 & final but also 51st and 54th final PIPR against 5.854 birds. In 2024 Mike Ganus also decided to invest in the parents of Gold Diamond Winner.

In the final of Pattaya PIPR 2024 Altwaem prove again to be by far the best fancier of the final race. This time he didn't win 1st place but won 4th-10th-11th final (530 km) against 5.854 birds. As 4th final PIPR is a direct child 611, the 10th and 11th final PIPR are also decendants of 611.