Jos Adami from Meerhout was at the absolute top of Belgian sprint racing in 2023. Beside the many 1st prizes and top results that season, the cherry on the cake was winning 1st National ace KBDB sprint yearlings with 774 (BE22-6055774). 774 was able to win 4 times 1st prize against +750 birds. Remarkable is that the brother of 774, named 236 (BE19-6084236) is also an extraordinary racer. 236 won won 10 times 1st prize against average +450 birds and was just a few kilometers short (1370 km instead of 1500 km) for a top position in the Olympiad ranking cat. A sprint 2022. Both 774 and 236 are grandchildren of Adami's base breeder Super 401 who is also grandfather of 2. National ace KBDB sprint yearlings in 2017.