Miha Sovic (Slovenia) can be considered as a specialist in oneloftracing. Within 1 year (2020-2021) he was able to win the two biggest oneloftraces in the world, namely SA Million Dollar race and Victoria Falls One Loft Race. In 2020 his Marjana S (Night Angel) won 1. final SA Million Dollar race against 1.548 birds with 16 min. lead winning 150.000 US dollar. In auction she was sold for 118.000 US dollar to Ganus who gave her the name Night Angel. Later Ganus also bought Night Angel's parents plus several brothers and sisters. Remarkable is that Ganus his 1. final Pattaya oneloftrace (PIPR) 2023 winner is bred from a full sister to Night Angel. The family of Night Angel comes down from Sovic his old lines which did very well in local racing in Slovenia, also there is a little percentage Jos Vercammen blood inside. In 2021 Sovic won 1. final Victoria Falls oneloftrace against 1.555 birds winning 100.000 US dollar, also this pigeon called Barbara S was sold in auction to Ganus. Barbara S is bred from an original Arie Dijkstra cock, grandson to Nightrider. Mother is born out of a brother to Olympia from Dirk de Beer (1. Int. Olympiad bird cat. G yearlings Poznan 2011).