Thomas Kornelius (Östringen, DE) is breeder of probably one of the most impressive oneloftrace pigeons ever known. In 2018 Thomas bred a pigeon named after himself, namely Thomas 6 (DV01696-18-6). This blue pied white flight cock won 1. final (505 km) Golden Algarve oneloftrace against 2.132 pigeons by a lead of 24 minutes and also became 8. ace pigeon Golden Algarve oneloftrace 2018. After the race Thomas 6 was sold in auction to Ganus Family Loft (USA) which also bought Thomas 6 his parents. Kornelius was able to keep a few brothers and sisters of Thomas 6, which later turned out to be excellent breeders. The most important one is Thomas 225 (DV01696-19-225), this cock is father to among others 1. vs. 3.189 birds (436 km), 1. vs. 1.859 birds (305 km), 2. vs. 1.260 birds (306 km), 3. vs. 3.327 birds (310 km) and also 3.-5.-7.-10. in big competition. Another sister of Thomas 6 named Thomas 224 (DV01696-19-224)  became grandmother of 1. final (435 km) Derby Moledo oneloftrace 2022 (932 m/min). Thomas 6 himself is also already a proven breeder, being among others grandfather to 1.-2.-2. Nat./NPO winners in Netherlands.