Gert Rotman (Beuningen, NL) has build a strain of pigeons which seem to do very well in oneloftracing, especially when the race circumstances are very difficult. In 2022 Rotman did something what never has been done before, namely to win 3 different oneloftrace finals within 1 month: 1. final (486 km) Algarve Great Derby against 2.063 birds (60.000 euro prize money), 1. final (435 km) Autostrada oneloftrace Romania (1087 m/min), 1. final (420 km) Super Star oneloftrace Romania (969 m/min), 1. ace Autostrada oneloftrace Romania. Rotman his base breedingpair is named Algarve Couple, the name for this pair was given after a direct daughter won 1. final Algarve Great Derby 2016. Nowadays, the Rotman colony is mainly build up with Algarve Couple and their offsprings. Beside oneloftracing, Gert also could receive several references from Dutch and Belgian fanciers successfully with descendants of Algarve Pair, among others: Belgium; 2. Nat. Tulle 4.993 yearlings (2. fastest of 9.178 birds) , 3. Nat. ace KBDB great middle distance YB 2020, 9. Nat. Limoges 15.881 old birds, 23. Nat. Bourges 59.253 birds, 42. Nat, Bourges 10.366 birds, 61.-76.-91.-107. Nat. Netherlands: 1. prov. Duffel 14.504 birds, 1. NPO Morlincourt 8.028 birds, 1. NPO Sens 2.065 birds, 2. prov. Bierges 11.941 birds, … Beside the Algarve Pair, Rotman also discovered another extraordinary breedingpair, namely the parents of White Sensation 662. This white hen won 1. ace Algarve Great Derby 2018 and arrived as first pigeon alone in the final but entered 8th.