Gero and Evelien Dijk achieved one of the most beautiful victories as a pigeon fancier, namely to win an international race. In 2017, their Theo (NL14-1049775) won 1. Int. Bordeaux (904 km) against 12.007 birds & fastest of 25.328 birds with 30 min. lead. This blue cock is bred from a grandson Olympic survivor (Verkerk) when paired to a double granddaughter Leonardo x Tinkelbel (Dijkstra). Theo became the base breeder of the Dijk colony as it is not only a super perfomer himself, but also an extraordinary breeder. In 2022 Theo's daughter named Charlotte (NL21-1184224) won 2. Nat. Agen (928 km) against 6.174 yearlings (2. fastest of 12.193 birds). On this same race, the mother of Charlotte named Liz won 1. Nat. Agen against 6.019 old birds (fastest of 12.193 birds), winning 1st and 2nd national in the same race by mother and daughter is something never seen before in Dutch pigeonsport. Another Theo reference to add is Morris of Hok van den Bruel, this great-grandson of Theo became 1. Nat. ace KBDB great middle distance YB 2022 + 1. Best YB 4 national GMD races Belgium 2022.